søndag den 3. november 2013

NaHaiWriMo Oktober 2013 Prompst: Patty Hading

# 1 sailboat

red yellow green
the autumn breeze unfurls
the spinnaker

# 2 ballet

Tchaikovsky ~
a ballerina with swan

# 3 respect
a b c
a little girl

# 4 leaves

the veins
on his skinny hand
falling leaves

#  5 Flying a kite

peace ~
a kite tail spreads
the word
We made kite tails out of newspaper when I was a child ;-)

# 6 gaun

shock wave
the middle-aged bride
in pink

# 7 guests

shock wave his name on the guest list

# 8 rings

his passion
a ring around
the pigeon’s leg

# 9 music

morning star somewhere a subwoofer

# 10 flowers

11 # vows

Tenzin Jangchup
the Lama pronounces
my new name

# 12 invitation

living haiku anthology my name among all the stars

I’m very honored to be a tiny little part of this. It would never have happened if it wasn’t for NaHaiWriMo

#  13 palm tree
one thousand and one fresh dates from the bazar

# 14 sand ( haiga )

melting ice
all the lines we draw
in the sand

# 15 surf

gorilla arms
in and out the surf zone
in Cold Havaii

One of the best spots for surfing in Europe is on the west coast of Denmark in a little town called Klitmøller.  Among surfers called Cold Hawaii. Next weekend there will be a surf kayak symposium, and I can guarantee  that there will be some very long arms up there ;-)

# 16 islands ( haiga )

autumn holiday ~
we paddle around the island
at a snail's pace

# 17 coconut

winter birds in the rowan tree half a coconut

# 18 ukulele

ukulele perhaps?
he gives me the look and blows
his horn

# 19 Pearl Harbor

Pearl  ~
his life dream stranded
in the harbor

# 20 idea
a haiku
about Pearl Harbor . . .
no idea

# 21 novel

steaming teapot the scent of page one

crime novel resisting the urge to peek

# 22 pencil / pen

ninety five degrees ~
the red ball-point pen
in her white pocket

# 23 newspaper column

her column
ten drops of extra honey
in my morning tea

# 24 muse

the colors of her autumn dress Calliope

# 25 editors

fresh air . . .
the new editor in chief’s
# 26 acceptance / rejection

ice cold
the extended hand
he won’t take

# 27 squash
holiday romance
the way he says
zucchini . . .

# 28 bedroom slippers

cotton candy clouds
the macho guy wears slippers
with rabbit ears

# 29 secret life

secret life . . . .
who’s tapping

# 30 pear

# 31 scary movie

a giant bird named

onsdag den 2. oktober 2013

NaHaiWriMo September 2013 Batton

September 2013
# 1 baton: Michael Dylan Welch
baton of life
a candle in a bag
with her names
Tomorrow we run 24 hours for the cancer movement in my town.

# 2 folklore: Eider Green

Nordic folk dance the faint scent of mothballs

# 3 mosaic: Alee Imperial Albano
culture week the town square sways to her gospel song
It does take something to make a Danish crowd move, but she sure moved us in more than one way.

# 4 banana plant: Pat Geyer

whirlwind ~
could I lend some of your calm
banana plant

# 5 honor Gary Blankenship

her life -
the price she paid
for a kiss

# 6 birth: Kathabela Wilson

velvet night seven brown labrador puppies

# 7 blues : Scott Abeles

pentatonic scale ~
I tune my instrument
for a blues

# 8 chalk ( haiga ): Christina Nguyen

easterly storm
the sea around the cliff
turbid white

# 9 microscopic: Katrina Lehmann Blount

wind shift
a microscopic change
in his behavior

# 10 runaway: An Mayou

the last bed at the center
for battered women

# 11 crumbs ( haiga ) Chrissi Villa

piece of cake
the noble art of sharing
with a sparrow

# 12 local ( haiga ) Violette Rose-Jones

wheel of life ~
sunday morning pancakes
with bramble jam

# 13 scarecrow: Vinay Ravindranath
harvest moon
the scarecrow’s smile
slowly fading

# 14 collage (haiga) : Anitha Warma

decoupage the pile of magazines knee high

# 15 rice: Sanjuktaa Asopa

a short stop
on the long journey . . . . .
the rice in my bowl

16 key: Freddy Ben-Arroyo

storm clouds a new lock on her door

# 17 reason: Dawn Apanius
no reason
just because . . . .
red roses

# 18 hill: Anne Burgevin

blured lines behind the highest hill our first smoke

# 19 something lost: Pris Campbell

the sense
of time and place
September sky

evening star
the romantic film with
what’s his name

# 20 table: Haiku Andy

an ellipse
of smiling faces ~
lunch time

# 21 night sounds: Angie Werren

tenor sax
the last tune dissolves
into the night

# 22 flood (haiga): Gillena Cox

spring tide ~
the North Sea widens
the waterway

# 23 wild: Deborah Barbour Lundy

autumn rain
the mountain bike track
steeper and steeper

# 24 wrinkle: Susan Murata

anti wrinkle cream how dumb do they think I am

# 25 string: Stuart Zobel

pearls on a string
autumn sunrise over
the archipelago

# 26 rust (haiga) : Crooked Arrow

another grey hair I lean to weigh my words

# 27 tongue: Leslie A Rose

Bordeaux my taste buds working overtime

bed bath . . .
the labrador puppy’s
pink tongue

# 28 rabbit: Pat Hardin
evening chill
I knit one thread angora
into her sweater

# 29 finger/s: Christina-Monica Moldoveanu

beetroot salad again I forget the rubber gloves

# 30 boomerang / return: Pamela Cooper

anchored again the yacht named Karma